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By Randy Handwerger


Do you have a puppy who is pathetically scared of the and water hasn’t practiced the doggie paddle yet?

Do you have a pampered pooch who deserves a massage.

Do you have a dog that needs to loose a little around the middle?

How about Fido, does he need a fitness routine or does Rover need Rehab?


Well, now you don’t have to travel UpIsland or be in NYC to keep up with your pet’s hydrotherapy or Therapeutic Massage routine. For it’s 9th year running the S.S. Aqua Dog is the original Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Massage & Reiki source in the Hamptons. We offer dog swimming, Water Walking™, in & out of the water Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Cold Laser Therapy for rejuvenating dog-tired, arthritic, hip dysplastic, over weight dogs. We also can help rehab ACL & Spinal injuries etc. both pre and post op. here in the Hamptons year-round.



S.S. Aqua Dog came about when my Shiloh Shepherd Dog Sylvester was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. D.M. is a disease similar to M.S. in humans. I was told my 110lb. dog was going to be paralyzed in possibly 6 months. Needless to say I was devastated and not being one to just sit there and be upset... So like any true animal lover I did all I could do for my faithful companion.


I built him a spa for his hydrotherapy to ward off and keep at bay the symptoms of D.M. for as long as possible. The spa also helped to ease his discomfort when the dreaded symptoms set in. Swimming gave us a chance to build his confidence and was a nice distraction and cherished bonding time for me. Sylvester eventually succumbed to his illness about a year and a half after the diagnosis but the swimming/ exercise routine added about a year plus extra quality time to his life and I was grateful to have every gifted minute.



Sly and Randy

Sly & Randy                         Photo©Leslie Reingold


So, let me get your pet wet! Think of me as a personal trainer for your pouch. Let me swim your pup that is afraid of the water. Allow them to feel comfortable in the water in a private, warm water, secure environment. One on one, swim sessions teach how to safely swim and get in and out of the water properly.

Swimming helps build confidence and endurance. It strengthens muscles and encourages flexibility. It gives mental stimulation to dogs tired of the same old thing or in need of a little mental work out. Water Walking™ gives dogs a chance to exercise and get a workout without having to bear the weight. Non weight bearing is very helpful for dogs both pre or post op, with ACL tears, hip and/ or spine injures and in some cases even helps to keep injures at bay to evade surgery. Swimming helps loosen tight muscles and helps ease the discomfort of arthritis and Hip Dysplasia among others.

During the Dog Days of Summer, swimming offers a cool alternative to exercise and physical routine. Water Walking™ can also help dogs suffering from anxiety- S.S. Aqua Dog gives them an outlet to let off some steam in a calm, controlled, safe, environment.


Baxter and Randy

Baxter & Randy                                              Photo©Audrey Lee


After reading this, people might think I have gone to the dogs or I am dog- gone crazy which is probably true! But I guess I have always been a passionate animal lover. For the 12 years prior to this I was an animal photographer traveling all over the world working with animals. My experience with animals has taught me to see them as they are and try to understand their wants and needs.

Having my own ailing animal was a dark cloud that had a true silver lining. Sylvester bought me the S.S. Aqua Dog business and I can now give back the love he gave me by helping other lucky dogs.



Willie and Randy

Willie & Randy                                               Photo©Audrey Lee


Please drop me a line to set up a private, one on one, appointment with me for hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Cold Laser Therapy at your pooch's pool or Sly’s swim spa in Springs, East Hampton. Until then have a tail-wagging day!


Dave, Billie and Randy

Dave, Billy & Randy                                    Photo©Alicia Castro


Solomon and Randy

Solomon & Randy                                         Photo©Audrey Lee




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